Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

January 14, 2019

Pure Facial Plastics & MedSpa has announced that as of 01/08/2019, it has closed its practice after serving the Charlotte area. Pure Facial Plastics & MedSpa’s founder and principal, Briggs E Cook, MD, is stepping away from the practice of medicine due to health reasons. Pure Facial Plastics & MedSpa will no longer be treating patients.

To request a copy of your records, please visit www.purefacialplastics.com and complete a Medical Records Release Form. The completed form can be emailed to info@purefacialplastics.com or faxed to 704-288-4202. All request for medical records must be received by 03/14/2019.

If you have questions about a statement that you have received or a refund that you are due, please send a detailed email to info@purefacialplastics.com.

Pure Facial Plastics & MedSpa and Briggs E Cook, MD would like to thank each of our valued patients, caring staff and dedicated vendors for all your patronage.

Briggs E Cook, MD

Pure Facial Plastics Records Request