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ARTAS Hair Restoration in Huntersville, NC

Technology has changed the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, and hair restoration is no exception. The ARTAS hair restoration system represents one of the greatest advancements in hair loss. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery, offers ARTAS hair restoration to those residing in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

What is ARTAS Hair Restoration?

The ARTAS hair restoration system combines robotic precision with digital technology to give our patients exceptional, natural results. The system uses advanced software algorithms to harvest hair follicles and soft tissues from the back of the scalp where it meets the neck. Dr. Cook then implants the hair in a precise manner into the treatment area. By harvesting single hair follicles, ARTAS hair restoration ensures complete, consistent coverage each and every time.

Benefits of ARTAS Hair Restoration

ARTAS Hair Restoration is perfect for people who want:

  • Hair transplantation on an outpatient basisartas-machine-1
  • Minimally-invasive procedures
  • No scar line at the donor site
  • Permanent, natural results
  • Short healing periods

Why Should I Consider ARTAS Hair Restoration?

ARTAS hair restoration was designed to address many of the disadvantages of other hair restoration techniques. The system produces the most natural appearance possible, and recovery from the procedure is significantly shorter than with other techniques. The incredible results from ARTAS hair restoration are possible because the system removes individual hairs versus the multi-hair grafts of other methods. The individual hairs are then transplanted into the treatment area by Dr. Cook. Because strip harvesting is not used, you have no scar line at the donor site.

How Does ARTAS Hair Restoration Work?

artas hair restorationLocal anesthesia is used to numb your scalp. Dr. Cook starts the procedure by using the ARTAS hair restoration system to create a digital scan of your scalp. This sophisticated software then identifies hair growth patterns and groupings. Robotics are controlled by the digital scan to randomly remove hairs from the back and sides of your scalp. The harvesting is so precise that you will not even notice that hairs have been removed. Next, Dr. Cook uses a special tool to implant the hairs where you have balding and thinning.

We recommend that you take one to two days to recover from ARTAS hair restoration. In just seven days, the donor and implantation areas appear normal. New hair begins to grow, and full results take about nine months.

How Much Does ARTAS Hair Restoration Cost?

ARTAS hair restoration is an investment in a natural, full head of hair. The procedure is not covered by medical insurance, so you are responsible for the full cost. We accept payment by cash, personal check, credit card, and Alphaeon™ Credit financing.



You deserve the most natural hair restoration possible with the ARTAS hair restoration system. If you live in or around Charlotte, please contact Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina to find out how this revolutionary system will give you the exceptional results you want!