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Do Lips Get Thinner with Age?

Lip Augmentation in Huntersville, NCSome affects of aging are wholly expected: slower metabolism, sagging due to gravity, wrinkles; but something we do not always foresee is our lips losing volume as the years go by. How can it be that our plump, soft lips lose their luster and become thin and deflated?

Sadly, this is a very true and real symptom of growing older. Luckily for us, there are both natural and medical methods available that can help stay the affects of aging on our lips.

Why do lips lose volume over time?

Lips have something in common with the parts of our bodies that sag over time: a decline in collagen. When we are young, our bodies produce natural collagen in spades, keeping lips full and skin taut. As we age, our collagen production dips, causing lips to look thinner and more deflated. In addition to natural collagen decline and genetic influences, lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking out of straws can contribute to the thinning of lips.

What can I do to slow the process?

Be sure to stay hydrated. Diets high in protein and Vitamin C also help to stimulate natural collagen production. It is important to keep lips hydrated externally, as well. Instead of traditional stick balms, which are waxy and can actually dry out your lips; look for oils and ointments to keep them plump and moist. Do not forget to regularly apply SPF, as UV rays can have a damaging effect. Of course, as mentioned above, reduce smoking or drinking out of straws as much as you can.

If these natural methods are not having the desired results, there are also medical options such as lip augmentation or injectable fillers, both of which are available to be administered by board-certified surgeon Dr. Briggs E. Cook Jr. right here in our Huntersville, NC office. A consultation with our staff will help you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

If you are in the Huntersville area and have questions or are interested in learning more about lip augmentation or injectable fillers, contact Pure Facial Plastics for a consultation today.

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