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Three Facelift Facts Huntersville Residents Should Know

Facelift (QuickLift®) in Huntersville, NCAs we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and can start to sag. When this happens, we can lose confidence with our appearance and many of us seek ways to correct it. If this is happening to you, it could be the perfect time to consider a facelift. Dr. Briggs E. Cook is a board-certified surgeon serving the anti-aging needs of the Huntersville, NC area. Dr. Cook uses the QuickLift™ technique to reverse sagging and return patients’ faces to their youthful exuberance. Below are three little-known facts about the facelift procedure.

  1. A facelift is meant to correct the lower half of the face

A successful facelift targets the jaw line, neck, and jowls. Dr. Cook uses QuickLift™ to tighten and lift these areas for a much more youthful appearance. Correcting symptoms around your eyes would involve an entirely different procedure. If you are looking to lift multiple areas of your face, it may be advisable to schedule both procedures simultaneously. This may seem intimidating at first, but combining the recovery times means less time away from your daily life.

  1. A facelift will not remove all wrinkles or blemishes

A facelift surgery is meant to reduce wrinkles and folds, but it cannot be expected to remove them all. If you are experiencing advanced age spots or wrinkles, it would be wise to consult with your doctor about combining treatments to achieve your desired results. There are surface treatments, such as fillers and other injectables, which can help to remove wrinkles and age spots to complement the results of your facelift.

  1. Important to consult with a well-rounded professional

If you are considering a surgical facelift, it is important to consult with a board-certified doctor, such as Dr. Briggs E. Cook, who is adept at both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Every patient is unique and would benefit from a personalized treatment plan. A meeting with Dr. Cook can help to assess whether surgical, non-surgical, or a combination of treatments will best meet your particular needs.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about facelifts in the Huntersville area, contact Pure Facial Plastics for a consultation today.

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