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DOT CO2 Laser in Huntersville, NC

DOT CO2 laser treatments are one of the most recent advances in skin rejuvenation. The treatments are safe and effective for anti-aging and reducing the effects of sun damage. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery offer DOT CO2 laser treatments to people in Charlotte and nearby towns.

What is the DOT CO2 Laser?

The DOT, or Dermal Optical Thermolysis, CO2 laser works by creating miniscule holes in your skin using laser energy. The microscopic holes stimulate collagen growth as part of the healing process, and your skin tightens as a result. The process naturally softens lines and wrinkles and improves the texture of your skin.

Benefits of the DOT CO2 Laser

The DOT CO2 Laser provides these benefits:

  • Treatments are customized to individual patient needs
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimally invasive
  • Requires only topical anesthesia
  • Short treatment times
  • Skin heals quickly

What is the DOT CO2 Laser For?

Dr. Cook recommends DOT CO2 laser treatments for:

  • Improving overall skin texture
  • Reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Correcting damage caused by sun exposure
  • Lightening brown spots
  • Tightening skin
  • Treating skin tags, warts and other types of skin lesions

What Should I Expect From DOT CO2 Laser Treatments?

The treatment area is numbed with a topical cream to minimize discomfort. Dr. Cook use a specially-designed device to apply precise bursts of laser energy to your skin to create a pattern of micro-perforations. The tissue around each perforation is not damaged. Your skin is calmed with a cold compress at the end of the treatment. A full-face treatment takes about 20 minutes, but smaller areas take much less time.

We provide you with a special lotion to apply to your skin as it heals. Your skin will look like you have a mild sunburn for approximately three days. After three to four days, your skin will start peeling to reveal new, healthier skin. The peeling lasts seven to ten days.

Results after just one DOT CO2 laser are exceptional, but Dr. Cook may recommend follow-up treatments if you have severe sun damage or advanced signs of aging.

What Should my Physician Explain to me About DOT CO2 Laser Treatments?

Individuals with darker skin color may experience a change in the pigmentation of their skin during the healing process.

Your skin is especially sensitive to sun exposure after the procedure, so you should use sunscreen when you are outdoors.

How Much Does DOT CO2 Laser Treatment Cost?

DOT CO2 laser treatments at Pure Facial Plastic Surgery are customized for each patient; therefore, cost varies. We accept cash, personal checks, major credit cards and financing through Alphaeon™ Credit.

If you are a Charlotte-area resident who has sun damage, lines, wrinkles and other problems with your skin, DOT CO2 laser treatments can give you healthier skin. Contact Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cook.