Xeomin® in Huntersville, NC

The lines between your eyes are one of the reasons why you look older. These wrinkles are caused by muscular contractions, and botulinum toxin relaxes forehead muscles to smooth out the lines. Xeomin® is an injectable cosmetic treatment for correcting lines between your eyes and on your forehead. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery offer Xeomin® treatments to the residents of Charlotte and the nearby communities.

What is Xeomin®?

Xeomin® contains botulinum toxin, which works on facial muscles to prevent contractions. By temporarily paralyzing the muscles, the botulinum toxin in Xeomin® reduces the severity of the lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Xeomin®

A few of the benefits of Xeomin® are:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Provides immediate results
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles for up to six months with a single treatment
  • More cost-effective than similar injectables

What is Xeomin® Used For?

Xeomin® is FDA-approved for treating frown lines that appear between the eyebrows.

Comparison of Xeomin® and Botox®

Xeomin® and Botox® both contain botulinum toxin, and are recommended for treating “dynamic wrinkles” that are caused by facial muscle contractions. Xeomin® offers the following advantages over Botox®:

  • Contains no additives, so developing a resistance to the product is less likely
  • Gives faster results
  • Less expensive than Botox®

What Should I Expect From Xeomin® Treatments?

Xeomin® is manufactured in 50- and 100-unit vials, and the product is mixed with sterile 0.9% saline solution prior to injection. Dr. Cook determine the appropriate dosage based upon your individual needs. Men tend to have stronger facial muscles, and therefore typically require higher doses than women.

The product is injected into the muscles using a fine gauge needle. If you are uncomfortable with needles or injections, he can apply a topical numbing agent to the area. You may need multiple injections to reduce your lines and wrinkles.

Treatments take between 15 and 60 minutes, and the results last three to six months. You can resume your activities, but you should not apply pressure to the treatment areas for at least one week. Be gentle when you apply makeup and moisturizer.

For two to three days after your Xeomin® treatments, you may have mild bleeding, bruising, swelling and tenderness around the injection sites. You can minimize your risk for these symptoms by avoiding alcohol for at least two days before your appointment and not using anti-inflammatory medications for at least one week before your appointment.

What Should my Physician Explain to me About Xeomin® Treatments?

Some rare complications have been reported for Xeomin® injections such as:

  • Muscle weakness due to the botulinum toxin spreading to other areas of the face and body.
  • Problems with speaking, breathing and swallowing.
  • Infections
  • Allergic reactions

Some practitioners also report that Xeomin® is more likely to spread to surrounding tissues when compared to Botox®.

Receiving Xeomin® injections more frequently than every three months increases your likelihood of experiencing complications. You should also entrust your care to Dr. Cook and Pure Facial Plastic Surgery to ensure that the injections are properly administered.

How Much Does Xeomin® Cost?

The cost of Xeomin® treatments is based on the amount of product that is needed, and this varies by patient. Pure Facial Plastic Surgery accepts checks, cash, and major credit cards. You can also apply for financing though Alphaeon™ Credit.

Xeomin® injections are FDA-approved for treating frown lines between your eyebrows, one of the most visible signs of aging and stress. Contact Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina today to schedule your private Xeomin® consultation with Dr. Cook. We serve the residents in and around Charlotte.