Kybella™ in Huntersville, NC

FDA-approval of Kybella™ gives people in Charlotte and the surrounding areas a new option for treating their double chins. Prior to the release of this new product, liposuction and surgery were the only options for restoring the natural contours of your neck and jaw line. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery, now offers advanced, minimally-invasive Kybella™ treatment to his patients.

What is Kybella™?kybella

Kybella™ is an injectable cosmetic treatment that was developed by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals to offer an alternative to surgery for excess fat under the chin, a condition known as a “double chin.” Aging and excess weight results in fat developing in the area that causes many people to feel self-conscious and unattractive.

Benefits of Kybella®

Some unique benefits of Kybella® are that:

  • It is the only non-surgical treatment for a double chin
  • No downtime or extended recovery is needed
  • Each treatment takes less than one hour
  • This treatment permanently destroys fat cells

What is Kybella® Used For?

Kybella™ is FDA-approved for eliminating fat deposits under the chin to the top of the throat (i.e., double chins).

Does Kybella™ Really Work?

Clinical trials of Kybella™, also known as ATX-101, were conducted with 1,100 male and female participants who were divided into two groups. Each person was evaluated and determined to have moderate to severe double chins. Significant reduction in under-chin fat deposits was seen in the group who received Kybella™ treatments.

What Should I Expect From Kybella® Treatments?

Kybella™ contains an acid that is found in the human body to aid digestion. The product is injected into specific areas of your double chin, where it works to destroy fat cells over time. Injections are made with a small gauge needle, and multiple injections are needed during each appointment. Most patients need only two to four treatments at four-week intervals, but no patient should receive more than six total treatments.

You may experience some effects related to the injection, such as mild bruising, tenderness, bleeding and swelling. The treatment area may also feel firmer than other areas of your jaw line, chin, and neck. Symptoms normally do not last more than three days.

The acid takes time to work on the fat cells, so you see a gradual improvement. The fat is permanently destroyed.

What Should my Physician Explain to me About Kybella® Treatments?

Kybella™ is a new product that offers a much-anticipated non-surgical option for treating double chins. As the demand for the product increases, consumers may be at risk for having the injections performed by unqualified individuals or with injections that do not contain legitimate Kybella™ product. Dr. Cook is specially trained and authorized to administer authentic Kybella™ treatments to his patients.

About Kybella™ Product

Some things you should know about Kybella™ are:

  • Sealed packaging of single-treatment vials are marked with a hologram identifier.
  • Kybella™ is not mixed with other solutions or products prior to injection
  • Kybella™ is only FDA-approved for treatment of the area from the tip of the chin and along the jaw line to the neck.
  • Product is not FDA-approved for use in other areas of the face, body, and neck.
  • When improperly administered, nerve damage and skin cell destruction may result.

How Much Does Kybella® Cost?

Kybella™ treatment cost is based on the amount of product that is needed for each patient. Pure Facial Plastic Surgery accepts cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. You may also qualify for financing through Alphaeon™ Credit.

Do you live in the Charlotte area and have a double chin? Have you been told that a neck lift, liposuction, and lower facelift are your only options? If so, contact Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina to learn about Kybella™, a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for a double chin!