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Ear Surgery in Huntersville, NC

Many children in and around Charlotte are teased because of the size and shape of their ears, and the taunting may continue well into adulthood. Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that improves the ears, giving children more confidence about their appearances. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery, also performs ear surgery on adults.

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery is primarily a cosmetic procedure, although otoplasty may be performed for medical reasons, such as to improve hearing and reduce ear infections. Even if you are not being teased about your ears, you may elect to undergo ear surgery. The ears help balance the other features of your face, and Dr. Cook often times finds that ear surgery enhances the appearance much better than other facial surgeries.

Benefits of Ear Surgery

Ear surgery at Pure Facial Plastic Surgery helps with:

  • Ears that stand out away from the head
  • Asymmetrical ears
  • Ears that are too small or large when compared to the head and facial features

When Should I Have Ear Surgery?

Children should be at least five years old to be considered for this surgery. The reason is that before this age, the ears are still developing. Performing ear surgery too early may result in additional corrective surgeries. Adults can have the surgery at any time.

What Should I Expect From Ear Surgery?

For children, Dr. Cook recommends using general anesthesia; however, adults usually remain comfortable with only local anesthesia and a sedative. An incision is made behind the ear to hide any resulting scars and provide access to cartilage and soft tissues. Dr. Cook will reshape the ear by removing small amounts of cartilage until he is satisfied with the results. If only one ear is being reshaped, he will check the shape against the other ear. Sutures are placed along the incision. The procedure may take up to two hours.

For ears that stand away from the head, Dr. Cook uses a technique known as “cartilage sparing and scoring.” The technique allows him to reshape cartilage of the ear. Cartilage scoring is used to add, remove and relocate the cartilage; excess skin may also be trimmed.

How Long do the Results Last?

As long as your child’s ears are completely developed, the results of ear surgery are permanent. Typically the ears are not affected by aging.

How Much Does Ear Surgery Cost?

In some cases, ear surgery is medically necessary, and may be covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance company prior to the surgery to determine your share of the cost. Pure Facial Plastic Surgery accepts payment by major credit card, cash, and personal checks. If you are interested in financing, please apply with Alphaeon™ Credit.

Irregular ears are an easy target for teasing in childhood and even adulthood. Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina specializes in facial surgery, including ear surgery for residents in and around Charlotte. To learn how ear surgery can help you and your child, contact our office to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Cook.