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Understanding Hair Loss in Huntersville, NC

Understanding hair loss helps you know if hair restoration is an effective solution. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr., a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery, helps patients in Charlotte and the nearby communities understand their hair loss and find appropriate treatments.

The Role of Hair on the Human Body

With the exception of the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands, you have hair on every part of your skin. Hair actually plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. Here are some interesting facts about the role of hair on the human body:

  • Eyelashes protect your eyes from dust, debris, and airborne pollutants.
  • Hair protects your skin from sun damage and aids in hydration.
  • Hair prevents chafing.
  • Body hair helps keep you warm.
  • Having hair on your body and face reduces your risk for cuts and abrasions.

In today’s society, hair also plays an important role in finding a mate. Hair is considered an attractive feature of both men and women.

Hair Basics

Hair is made of keratin, a specific type of protein that develops inside the hair follicle. This keratin is used to create new hair cells, and then the old cells are pushed through a small opening in the skin. Hair cells are connected to each other in small chains, and each chain is a single, individual hair. If you count carefully, you will find between 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on the average human head. In a typical day, you may lose only 100 hairs.

The Growth Cycle of Hair

Approximately 90% of your scalp is growing new hairs right now. The growth cycle of hair occurs inside the follicle, and hair growth may be affected by hormones, aging, medical conditions and other factors. Normally hair grows in three distinct cycles:

  • Active hair growth during the anagen stage lasts for two to six years.
  • The catagen stage is when growth stops for two to three weeks.
  • Telogen is the stage in which hair is at rest for two to three months. At the end of this stage, the hair falls out of the scalp, and the cycle begins again.

The hair growth cycle slows down as we get older. Eventually, we may lose more hair than our bodies can replace, resulting in balding and thinning hair.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

In addition to the natural aging process, other factors may lead to hair loss, such as:

  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes
  • Deficiencies in your diet
  • Stress and other emotional issues
  • Substance use
  • Chemical processing
  • Certain medical conditions and medications

Finding the cause of your hair loss is an important step. Without a proper diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss, you may opt for hair restoration treatments and achieve little to no results.

Charlotte-area men and women alike struggle with hair loss, and understanding hair loss helps you find the right treatment. Pure Facial Plastic Surgery in Huntersville, North Carolina offers hair restoration for certain types of hair loss. Contact us today to meet with Dr. Cook and discuss your options for hair restoration.