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PRP for Hair Restoration in Huntersville, NC

Residents of Charlotte and the surrounding communities no longer need to feel self-conscious due to thinning hair. Dr. Briggs E. Cook, Jr. is a board-certified Huntersville surgeon who has helped countless patients restore their confidence with safe and natural PRP treatments for hair restoration.

Human blood contains a number of unique components and growth factors that give us the ability to heal ourselves. When we become injured, the blood that travels to the affected area is full of platelet rich plasma (PRP) which begins the process of regenerating tissue and reinforcing bone. We have now harnessed this phenomenon with PRP treatments designed specifically for patients with thinning hair. This safe and natural procedure utilizes your own PRP to promote hair growth.

Many people are surprised to hear that their skin is not only their largest organ, but it also has the fastest cell regeneration rate. This impressive turnover rate is why your skin is able to heal itself so quickly when you experience a cut or other wound. When the cell turnover rate is combined with Selphyl® PRP, the results can be astounding. Within just a handful of treatment sessions, you will begin enjoying the many benefits of thick and healthy hair.

What is PRP for Hair Restoration?

PRP has been used in countless orthopedic procedures over the years, but much of the research covering this unique substance now involves hair restoration. This procedure involves the use of your own PRP by injecting it directly into your scalp. Both men and women with mild to moderate hair loss have benefited from Selphyl® PRP treatments.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Restoration

Many of our patients choose PRP for hair restoration due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Some of the other benefits of Selphyl® PRP treatments include:

  • Excellent results for both men and women who are experiencing thinning hair.
  • The ability to reduce miniaturization (the shrinking of hair follicles).
  • PRP treatments stimulate the growth of hair follicles.
  • There is little to no risk of an adverse reaction.
  • Because the results gradually improve over time, friends and loved ones are less likely to notice a procedure has taken place.

What is Selphyl®?

While there are currently dozens of PRP procedures, Selphyl® is the most advanced and popular isolation system. One of the reasons for this is the fact that a pure sampling will be drawn from the patient’s own blood. The entire treatment can often be carried out in under 30 minutes, and patients will be glad to hear that there is absolutely no downtime. The first step in this process is to draw a small sample of the patient’s blood and then isolate the clear platelet rich liquid in an advanced matrix. This makes the subsequent injections extremely concentrated.
Taking the blood sample, processing the platelets, and then injecting them into the scalp are all carried out in a single appointment. Most patients require at least three treatment sessions spaced one to two months apart.

By your third appointment, you will most likely begin to notice the benefits of your Selphyl® treatments. That being said, the maximum benefits might not become apparent for anywhere from six to 12 months. We recommend that most of our patients schedule maintenance treatments every six months to maintain the results. Selphyl® procedures are safe, natural, and can be combined with all other hair restoration treatments including oral and topical therapies.

Preparing for PRP for Hair Restoration

Patients should thoroughly wash their hair just before their appointment and avoid the use of any styling products.

Recovery from PRP for Hair Restoration

You can immediately head back to work or your other daily activities after your PRP appointment. While some patients do notice tingling or numbness on their scalp just after their treatment, these sensations typically subside within a few hours.

Is PRP for Hair Restoration Right for Me?

PRP cannot be used to treat bald spots, but it is an excellent option for anyone with mild to moderate thinning hair. Patients should have a relatively healthy scalp with no lesions, sores, or other open wounds.

How Much Does PRP Hair Restoration Cost?

PRP hair restoration is considered an elective, cosmetic procedure by your medical insurance. The cost is based on the technique, size of the treatment area and any follow-up treatment that may be needed. Payment may be made by cash, personal check or major credit card. If you are interested in financing your PRP hair restoration treatments at Pure Facial Plastic Surgery, you may apply for Alphaeon™ Credit.

If you are a Charlotte-area man or woman who is interested in PRP hair restoration, contact our office in Huntersville, North Carolina today to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Cook.